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David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles

David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles is a bi-weekly podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens. Learn how to support this show, visit us at

David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles is a Democracy at Work (d@w) production. d@w produces media and live events to expose capitalism’s systemic problems and to show how democratizing our workplaces solves them. We can do better than capitalism.

HOST: David Harvey is the foremost Marxist thinker about political economy and has been teaching Karl Marx's Capital for over 40 years. He currently teaches at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Prof. Harvey has written extensively on the significance of Marx's Capital for understanding contemporary capitalism, and will be presenting this knowledge and more to his podcast audience.

Feb 9, 2023

In this episode of Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, Prof. Harvey focuses on the concept of totality, conceptualized in Marx’s Grundrisse, and the importance of situating theoretical frameworks within on-the-ground struggles. Harvey explains how he’s spent his life’s work attempting to do this, focusing on issues such as housing, climate change, and more. Marx and Engel’s theoretical contributions are critical, but it is in the tangible application of them that the true benefits are realized. 

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